Debbie expertly handled complex product safety issues, successfully dealing with problems that affected thousands of pieces of equipment on a worldwide scale.  Her attention to detail and ability to read and interpret complex regulatory documents is without equal.  In addition to attending government training, Debbie hired staff to assist her in developing and implementing an Export Compliance Program that passed Department of Commerce review. All this work was accomplished by a staff that continued to perform thier regular Safety and Compliance jobs of CE inspections, SEMI S2 safety inspections, safety bulletins, etc., while learning and implementing a highly complex export compliance protocol that affected the entire company. 

Richard Schuster: Vice President Global Customer Support
Semitool, Inc.

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        I have worked very closely with Debbie Sawyer over ten years in my capacity as General Counsel for Semitool, Inc. Debbie handled numerous projects for which I had ultimate legal responsibility, and based on her work, I am pleased to provide the highest recommendations for her capabilities and accomplishements.  Debbie expertly handled complex product safety matters, global regulatory requirements and U.S. export law compliance.  She is meticulous in her investigative and research talents, specifically with regard to complex government regulations and industry standards. Most recently, she single-handedly developed a comprehensive export compliance program for Semitool while still managing the Product Safety department.

Richard Hegger
Vice President and General Counsel
Semitool, Inc.

      Debbie recently saved us significant time and resources plus important customer relationships and money with advise and referrals regarding third party certification of industry safety standards.  She has also assisted me on several occasions with clarification and spot-on advise on export regulations, CE marking requirements, and multiple industry standards and government regulations like those surrounding the reduction of hazardous substances (RoHS).  Debbie stays well informed, knows the required details, can quickly cite appropriate references, and has excellent contacts.  The rules seem to change constantly – too much so for a small company to keep up, so we will continue to utilize her expertise.

Dan Schmauch: CEO ancosys, Inc.